WTF #ROSEANNEBARR Wednesday starts at 4:00 pm Eastern #fyilive

Trey Gowdy told the truth on Fox News last night. Lawmakers are as silent as Trump about the deaths in Puerto Rico. Trump cries about Roseanne Barr’s firing by ABC. It was the Ambien’s fault!  Or not. Our opioid crisis exposed. Roseanne’s cast still has my respect.  Roseanne Barr, lost it before this. Tom Arnold cries whines over Roseanne’s Barr’s firing. Right-wing rally over Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet. Activist Shaun King’s PAC is funded by Facebook’s CO-FOUNDER’s wife. How about money in politics, can we take that out instead?  FAUX outrage from the right. George Soros is to blame for the abortion lift in Ireland according to Brian Brown.