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You can troll Trump all you want on Twitter, he can’t block you. Rachel Dolezal , has a profile of fraud, who knew.  This isn’t white privilege talking. WTF is wrong with CANADA?!  Now another incident of terror. Paul Begley the guy who says Melania Trump had the demons exercised has a new crackpot theory. Apparently, he didn’t get the memo the Antichrist will be a homosexual Jew as we’ve previously covered. Leave it to women to take a stand when the NFL bends a knee to Trump, the WNBA saves the daySenator John Corybn plays, to tell the truth about Trump. Rehabilitation doesn’t work, tell us something we didn’t know! Keith Olbermann is back doing sports. It’s ok to be mad at Tom Perez coming out for Cuomo but, it’s predictable by the Obama / Hillary DNC.