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Did they know about Ronny Jackson’s “candyman” problems months earlier? Headlines are wrong, but the facts aren’t in the reporting. A Stormy Daniels is coming. How great is John Kelly to Donald Trump? How many times can we allow the corporate media being ok with hating on those who are addicted? Rat poisoning tied to man’s death with Synthetic weed. Making Education GREAT again, starting with Community College. PREPPING for the End times… With a tasty food bucketRichard Spencer makes a funding site collapse, much like him under his legal bills. Richard Spencer is begging for $ because of a lawsuit over the Unite the Right rally. Racism & Ayn Rand Values in Toronto. The Pentagon may investigate Dr. Ronny Jackson. If Obama’s VA looked like Trump’s Veteran’s Affairs health care facility Fox News would be saying how Obama hates the troops. Does Trump want to pull Troops out of the Korean peninsulaBill Gates said no to Trump, like more people should have.