Terrific #NeverAgain Tuesday episode 850 #fyilive crew Audio & Video

A good guy with a badge opens your phone because you’re dead.  Old days, we called that grave robbing. Now, it’s “good policing.”  John Bolton, what we all figured about him. This didn’t happen in California or New York gun lovers, this happened in VirginiaCensus will be adding this awkward question unless you’re a PROUD AMERICAN! Pat Robertson is making sense again, it’s getting creepy. If you’re Conservative, you’re a secret agent now according to Paul McGuire if you attack Trump. Travis Allen wants to be Governor of California and to do this he defends the police the most recent unarmed shooting of a black man. Mark Zuckerberg is actually a coward and now it’s the Brits who will prove it. Arizona’s Governor suspends Uber’s robot cars after Uber does it.