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Tomi Lahren gets her ass handed to her by a student who was at the shooting. Lucian Wintrich, Gateway Pundit’s answer to Milo blames liberals for the Florida high school shooting. Follow the NRA blood money, or as the politicians say “donations.” Hero coach dies from his wounds thanks to the Florida terrorist. Bristol Palin is desperate to be in the news again, at least she’s not getting knocked up. Colt AR-15 is easier to buy then vote in Florida.  A new spin on the false flag from Infowars host Alex Jones. Rick Joyner says it’s the terrorist act in Florida happened because of the end of school prayer. Trump’s longtime lawyer says he paid Stormy Daniels out of his own pocket like a good lap dog. He’ll give away an AR-15 instead of thoughts and prayers. Maybe not so much on the whole “fun ships” thing anymore at least when 30 people are involved in a brawl. Even Sen. Susan Collins doesn’t believe the White House about the DACA failure being Schumer’s fault.