Terrific Tuesday 1/23/18 on Demand #fyilive crew

Japan is still preparing for war with North Korea. Sorry not Sorry, but I think you would need this stuff in North Korea, they should be given awards, not jail. That First Amendment thing, toss that out the window.  Give it a good shove, will you? Coach Dave Daubenmire has a problem and his ego is the size of his stadium background. Tax Cuts are Killing the U.S. dollar This should sober everybody up about who is to blame for the reopening of the Government. Vermont is the 9th State in the Union to allow recreational Marijuana. Melania Trump needs some more alone time from her husband. McConnell is a proven liar, but we need to win in 2018 to get rid of him. How about solving extreme poverty billionairesOur Senate is fucking pathetic.