TERRIFIC #SaveDACA Tuesday 1/16/17 #FYILive crew starts at 10:00 am Eastern

Jeff Sessions, listen up, Marijuana reduces crime, not ads to it. ICE mocks Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Day in Detroit. Obama is the real bad guy when it comes to deportation, stop yelling at Trump. Boris Johnson wants to have a grown-up conversation with the U.S.A. How to beat Trump and Republicans in 2018 and 2020. Trump and public service is him Golfing and NOT doing anything. Bet Mike Pence wish he skipped Church on Sunday. WE GOT 50! Still, ways to go to save Net NeutralityJared & Ivanka ain’t going nowhere when it comes to D.C. Governor Matt Bevin isn’t pro-life no matter how much he says he is.