No #TomSteyer $ makes a Terrific Tuesday #fyilive crew starting at 10:00 am Eastern

Tom Steyer is the new George Soros for the Democratic Party. Stephen Miller goes on friendly territory to talk “journalistic standards.” College football fans boo Trump at the game.  Smooth, Genius Cliven Bundy wins in Ranch standoff case, empowering the crazy. The POOP cruise ship passes inspection from the CDC, the same CDC that had poop coming from its own faucets. Crime doesn’t pay to play. 17 Democratic Senators are still uncommitted in Net Neutrality Bill in the Senate. 2017 was the costliest year EVER for climate change.  Trump won’t take credit for that! WTF Kansas, really now?! A home robbery turns deadly after the robber is shot killed. Thanks, Obama! You can’t have your parking garage above ground because the community stood up. Law Enforcement backs Jeff Sessions ending of Obama – era’s approach to Marijuana.  North Korea is going to the Olympics! WIKILEAKS promotes pirating. 

Milo gets dumped by his own lawyers! Paula White wants 1 month of your cash. Robbing a gun store, that the ATF is worried about, gun deaths, NAH. Not going back to Cuba anytime soon says Rex Tillerson.