#FREEDUMBFRIDAY #NETNEUTRALITY @AjitPaiFCC Loser of the Year for 2017 #fyilive crew

Bernie Sanders smacks around Trump over climate change. Thanks, Obama, you liar! And you too, New York TimesHeather Heyer’s grave has to be a secret because of the Alt Klan. Puerto Rico, you think you got screwed by Maria, the GOP Tax Scam is worse! Donald Trump Jr. acts a fool on Twitter about #NetNeutrality for his dad.  Jesse Lee Peterson has a weird belief in God and Alabama’s Senate race. Speaker Ryan wants women to have more babies. What the Frack?! They’re running away from the EPA and the guy with the $24k SCIFF. Our loser of the Year who wasn’t even a contender is Ajit PaiUPS loses family’s inheritance and only offers up shipping fee in return. Trump called Putin to thank him for kissing his ass.