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DON’T BEAT UP YOUR NEIGHBOR IF YOU’RE A LIBERAL AND HE’S A REPUBLICAN SENATOR!!!!!!  And even if it’s Senator Rand Paul. Trump deflects to mental health after a white man kills the most in a church in Texas history. 23rd murdered trans woman in Texas in 2017. Now we know why Trump is such a fan of Andrew Jackson, by how he treats Native Americans. The invasion of Iraq & Afghanistan worked so well, let’s invade North Korea! Paul Ryan, your CUT CUT CUT tax plan says otherwise. You Shouldn’t need to be paid to be PatrioticU.S. kills scores of civilians in Afghanistan and we lost a soldier in this endless war. The Twitter Trump lover that didn’t exist was quoted by the real media on multiple occasions. Candidate for Mayor in Hoboken gets a racist flyer and is accused of being a terrorist

Toddlers will get to hunt with guns and knowing Gov. Walker, he’ll sign the bill. This Republican is a real cheesehead when it comes to abortion. Sgt. Bergdal got leniency because of Taliban says the AP.