Terrific Tuesday 10/17/17 in demand @FYINATION #fyilive

Mike Pence is a bigger jerk than Trump if this is true. Bernie Sanders shows us why he’s still awesome and not just campaigning for President. Mitch McConnell is winning is better than 45 and that’s sad! Lies about Obama after Trump after soldiers die and takes days to address the nation about it. McConnell vs Bannon catfight, it’s very weird when you want a turtle to win North Korea says that they’re cool with you if you don’t help out the U.S.A. Iraq vs Kurds isn’t a good idea. T-Mobile & Sprint are planning a merger. Probably not a good thing, even when they say so. Gov. Rick Scott goes all sorts of “normal” for a moment ever so briefly. Don’t miss this and so much more! Do you go to hell for stealing a lifesize cut out of Pope Francis at Bingo night? Journalist murdered in Malta for telling the truth to power. You don’t normally say look to Texas for the future of an eco-city, but after this story, you will. After fighting the O.C. fire an inmate is now missing. This is how you get around Trump and it’s pure Capitalism. No officer, it’s really a doughnut, try one! Now they’re paying out $37k for their mistake. They’ve always thought of these people as criminals, so this is consistent and it makes John Kelly look like a dick.