WTF Wednesday 10/11/17 on demand #fyilive crew

What would you do if Trump went Nuclear? The White House stands by its tax lies. A bump stock ban is the easiest thing Congress can do regarding gun safety. War on Coal is a slogan and not an actual thing. Wisconsin says FU to the truth about what Lincoln did to the Indigenous people of this country. Harvey Weinstein faces more loss and no one should be sorry for him. How many men have been assault victims like Terry Crews and have remained silent? Israel hacks Kaspersky software and then tells the U.S. about breaches in the software. SCOTUS gives Trump a win in a travel ban,  With this court, who’s surprised? John Kelly isn’t going to be fired.  Until Friday… maybe or maybe not. Tiny flash mobs are the new thing for white nationalists.  The Las Vegas shooter might have wanted to cause more carnage then we can imagine. Twitter changes its mind on Blackburn video and now she can peddle her ad.