Terrific Tuesday Some Say 10/10/17 on demand #fyilive

Pence & Trump are fundraising off of the publicity stunt from when Mike Pence walked out of an NFL game on the taxpayer’s dime. Republicans only like tax cuts for the rich if it’s for solar and wind you’re screwed and so is the environment.  The war on coal is over even though there never was a war on coal, just on Hillary Clinton and environmental protections.  Ivanka Trump wants to show the “Dreamers” her dad cares when he doesn’t.  Numbers of the dead will rise in Puerto Rico and the Trump Administration won’t care about it at all. Rex Tillerson has been challenged to an IQ test, Rex should have quit the other day after the media learned he called Trump a moron. A Republican moron thinks a Confederate statue honoring black soldiers will stop African Americans from being upset about systemic racism. The Texas campus cop that got murdered was just doing a welfare check beforehand. Some patients won’t have to worry about their hospital bills after the Las Vegas shooting. Marsha Blackburn got her ad pulled from Twitter, too bad other companies weren’t as good at it as they are. Trump might go to the demilitarized zone in South Korea. Donna Karen blames how women dress for Harvey Weinstein’s actions. In a statement, Donna Karen quickly backtracks what she said Sunday night.