Monday #IndigenousPeoplesDay Mayhem 10/9/17 on demand #fyilive

Senator Diane Feinstein and Harvey Weinstein is an example of why we need money out of politics. Trump admits he orchestrated the whole Mike Pence walk out of the NFL. NFL Association backs players rights in anthem fight. Mike Pence is Trump’s bitch and wasted taxpayer money. Obama didn’t ignore Native Americans when he gave a Columbus day proclamation, but this President did. Just when you thought that the NRA would do something good, they screw it up. Diane Feinstein lies about gun laws when we have facts that prove her otherwise. Rep. Steve Scalise continues his push for the 2nd Amendment even after nearly being killed. Rick Santorum flashbacks to the 90’s when video games and music was the rage against violence. Trump hires the worst people and his failing business continues to show it. Kim Jun Un is pretty happy with his nuclear progress. Roger Stone is pro-nuclear war and a jerk. They did it too is a bad excuse when you are trying to say you’re fiscally Conservative.