3 HOURS of #FREEDUMBFriday #HurricaneIrma 9/8/17 on demand #fyilive

LGBTQ folks were lied to by candidate Trump at the convention. Alex Jones & Tucker Carlson lie about Harvey looters. Pence thanks, lawmakers but still the first responders are ignored by the Trump Administration. Bernie Sanders goes ALL IN on Hillary’s new book in an MSNBC interview. Another moment when we find out how much of a hypocrite Tomi Lohren is. When Laura Ingraham is right, that’s awkward. Nuclear power plants in Florida are being shut down for safety, shouldn’t they be shut down for good?  North Korea is probably going to launch an ICBM on Saturday because that’s how you party in North Korea.  Single Payer is looking better and better for 2020. American & Jet Blue are helping Irma evacuees get out with ticket caps. Can’t get fooled again, unless you work for Trump.