Truther #TheGoldenStateKiller Thursday starts at 10:00 am Eastern #fyilive crew

Do not put this in your Vagina, but you should already know t.his. Breitbart dumps Joe for Kelli with an I in the Arizona Senate raceJames Corisi makes Obama out to be evil, as usual. Heartbeat bill will save Congress according to Janet Porter. This is why we cover right wing watch at nauseum.  Now one of them is a Federal Judge. When you’re right and on the right, you’re right. High Crime & Misdemeanors and the Law & Order Trump train is allegedly breaking the law, still. Will Trump mock Cohen now that says he’ll take the firth with Stormy Daniels? Prince Harry is going to piss off the white right wing with this pick for his wedding. Patton Oslwalt’s wife should be praised for helping possibly nab The Golden State KillerLubbock County Democratic party crops out Melania Trump & keeps W.