WTF #StarBucks Wednesday starts at 10:00 am Eastern #fyilive crew

So, about feeling safe using Uber and Lyft? Iran will do whatever it wants when it comes to buying arms after the Syria attack. So does Lizz Crokin pushes pizza gate because of the deep state. All Law enforcement are good, correct?  They wouldn’t allegedly smuggle heroin correct? Ted Cruz uses fellow Senator Bernie Sanders to make take tax cuts permanent. Bernie doesn’t agree with Ted Cruz as much as he thinks on tax cuts. CIA director Mike Pompeo changes a possible loss into a win. The changes to Facebook are weird and good. The cost of war is big and no one ever discusses it. Dennis Kucinich did what?!  Say it ain’t So! This isn’t a Starbucks problem, this is a race problem. Frank Gaffney has a wandering problem about Cory Booker. Making Abu Dabi Great NOW with a hyperloop train. Direct pay fail for the IRS, MAGA!