Monday #MLK50Forward Mayhem starts at 10:00 am Eastern #fyilive crew

Josh Bernstein is trying to fool his fools, but we’re onto him. David Barton doesn’t grasp the separation of Church and State. Autopilot robot cars are killing people. Trump’s border wall has always been a sham. Why has Chris risen?  Seriously… Herman Cain lies about the post office and is right about Amazon, kinda. How about using the real thing instead of the fake pot? DR. MLK JR. stood for economic justice when many Democratic candidates forget about it. ABC is giving Season 2 of Roseanne a chance.  Will viewers tune in? 

David Hogg rejects Laura Ingraham’s apology. Dennis Kusinich what’s happening with Russia?! Sinclair Broadcasting wants you to believe in the DEEP STATE attacking Donald J. Trump. China’s space junk wasn’t at all interested in Michigan. NRA is silent again, this time because of Ted Nugent.  China starts kind of starts a trade war with the U.S.A. In Sacramento, a PROTESTER gets hit by Sheriff’s vehicle during a protest. 2 years and the ‘Affluenza teen’ is already out of jail.