WTF #MidTerms2018 Wednesday starts at 10:00 am Eastern #fyilive crew

Melania Trump is going to finally start doing something about online bullying, maybe she should start with her husband. Right Wing Christians hate you if you’re gay, here is the proof. Dude, Reagan, you’re stealing from a dead guy 20 years ago.  A space force?! How many Russian Putin critics have to die in Great Britain for this to be treated like a thing in the U.S.A.? Seth Rich’s family sues Fox News for promoting conspiracy theories about their son’s death. I hope Jeff Sessions is OK after this ruling in Texas, NOT California. Protect & Serve himself in AlabamaPuerto Rico has a new hurricane coming and season, will it survive? Conor Lamb claims victory in Pennsylvania race.  We have an update on the special Scott Pruitt phone booth.  A Dr. Ben Carson last minute update because we love doing updates.