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Alex Jones is obsessed with sperm he claims is on Obama’s portrait. Sean Hannity makes something out of nothing with Obama’s portrait. Paul McGuire makes outlandish claims about Hillary Clinton. Another Judge has blocked Trump from ending DACA. Trump’s longtime lawyer says he paid Stormy Daniels out of his own pocket like a good lap dog. On the bright side, Fox News didn’t offer help on how to spot them, THE ONLY BRIGHT SIDE. 4 Transgender people have been murdered this year and we’re only 2 and a half months in. The first openly Bisexual ever wins gold in PyeongChang, South Korea. The first openly gay man to ever win a gold happened in PyeongChang, South Korea. Adam Rippon has a change of heart when it comes to Mike Pence and a meetup. When the GOP talk fake news the Republicans are talking about this website. You associate sneakers with the NBA now you can with Equality and Black History Month. Berkley gets bold as a Sanctuary City for Marijuana.