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Brian Kilmeade gets something right. Whole Foods Update… it’s getting worse… Sebastian Gorka was a fugitive from justice and somehow worked for Trump. A poll not related to Stormy Daniels sucks for Trump. One Million jobs?  Legalize Marijuana! Do they not know they failed at this remake once before? They forced you to be allowed to bring guns into a Chuck E.Cheese.  The pizza isn’t THAT bad! 1 year at his Florida resort, it’s like Trump never really left it. Tomorrow he’ll have been the 45th President for a year and these 129 people finally know they won’t have to face charges for protesting the InaugurationStormy Daniels seems to have been paid through a shell company. RuPaul gets Nancy Pelosi to guest judge on her show.  NOT COOL France.  WTF. Putin & Trump BFF may be over. Does Boris Johnson know how to be a grown-up?