TRUTHER THURSDAY 11/9/17 on demand #fyilive crew

A FEMA “air breach” is as scary as it sounds for Puerto Rico. The GOP wants to build infrastructure but doesn’t want to pay for it in the Trump Tax plan. Andrea Jenkins shows how LGBTQ people can get elected and is an inspiration for others. The Michigan Legislature thinks it’s a good idea to bring guns into gun free zones. Karma comes to John Karman after he insulted Ashley Bennet & other women at the Women’s March in January. Some good times & bad for those who left Trump’s White House.

The Republicans want to repeal the mandate in the Affordable Care Act and leave millions of Americans uninsured. The House does something & it’s to boost offshore drilling and proves it doesn’t care about Climate Change. Maine’s Governor proves he’s still a jerk even after the voters said they want the Medicaid expansion. Duterte and Trump will talk human rights, and how do you think that conversation will REALLY go?