Truther Thursday 10/12/17 on demand @FYINATION #fyilive

Trump really doesn’t like the Iran dealRemember Ronan Farrow?  I know, it’s hard, but he had a story and now doesn’t have a job at MSNBC. NBC can’t be bullied the way Trump wants to bully NBC. Trump nominates the architect of the travel ban for the Department of Homeland Security. Speaker Paul Ryan is the NRA’s bitch on bump stocks. You got to love a country that is so willing to sell it’s on drone technology to the highest bidder.  This week this story about an airport bomber went completely unnoticed by the mediaHarvey Weinstein has a hissy fit and cries foul on a  suicide attempt. Finally a member of the Senate willing to call out 45 and it’s Republican Ben Sasse, not great, but you get what you get. Listen or watch us live.  TrumpCare 4.0 in the form of an executive order is here and Trump is set to sign it today.