Truther Thursday 9/21/17 on demand @FYINATION #FYILive

Sherrif David Clarke has a sweary meltdown over his security detail when asked by a reporter. Nambia is where the next Trump Tower is going to be built, believe me, if the country only existed If Hillary or Obama had done this, how would Fox News react? Racial discrimination at a Trump Hotel?!  NEVER! Tillerson admits there is NO REASON to pull out of the Iran deal like his boss wants to. Theodore Shoebat wants more LGBTQ people dead and he’s a Trump supporter. A story we did on FYILIVE is something we’ll be covering twice because it’s so damn awful. Diplomats say the Iran deal is working but Trump isn’t talking for once. HHS Tom Price has a lot to do so he uses a private jet to get around. This is beautiful when anchor man becomes real Bill O’Reilly and Lawrence O’Donnell together at last!