Monday #TrumpCare Mayhem 3/20/17 starts on demand #FYILive

A crossover episode!  Work in Progress and Some Say bring you the best of both shows today at Noon for three hours! Trump goes to Mara A Largo 7 times and can’t spend money on the poor. Florida man killed allegedly killed by prisoner guards. Stand your ground to get better and only in Florida, the first state to do it. Hurting working class & poor the Dept. of Education Trump’s an Obama memo about colleges. If Trump wants to waterboard this might be the Supreme Court Justice who will allow him to do it. How Gaudy can one man be? Speaker Ryan still thinks that Thursday is the day for TrumpCare in the House. Sen. Ted Cruz makes sense, it’s really weird, so of course, we’ll cover it. GOPEE gets caught in Motel gay for sex & surprise, he’s married!